Gently and respectfully challenging how people define wrong and right.

image courtesy of Andi Jetaime via
                                                image courtesy of Andi Jetaime via

After doing a very quick internet search for how people decide right and wrong, I found that there are many, many such discussions.  The majority of responses I saw could be divided into three themes:

  • We know what is right and wrong based on the way we were raised.
  • Everyone gets to determine right and wrong for themselves.
  • Right and wrong just exist and we don’t need religion or anyone else to tell us what is right and wrong.

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Start an apologetics conversation – Are people basically good or basically evil?


image courtesy of Ariane Middel via
image courtesy of Ariane Middel via

Not long ago, I attended a mandatory employees’ conference.  This conference emphasized the investigative arm of the law enforcement agency for which I work.  Much of the material dealt with violent crimes people commit against one another.  At the end of the two-day event, I was emotionally spent.  Continue reading

Staying on topic. How the Christian apologist should be like an expert witness.

photo courtesty Jared Cherup via
photo courtesy Jared Cherup via


In a prior post I listed several skills an expert witness must develop in order to be effective while testifying in court.  I believe those same skills will serve the Christian apologist well when they are engaged in conversations with people who are asking questions about their faith. Continue reading