Identifying God – how all gods cannot be the same

courtesy of Matt McGee via
courtesy of Matt McGee via

With all of the “options” for god depicted in the above photo, how would you decide which one is “right”?

If you were wanting to find a photo of me using an internet search, you would potentially have to look through hundreds and hundreds of images.  But, if you don’t know what I look like, how would you know whether you had found a picture of me?  You would need some knowledge of me that would allow you to differentiate me from many other guys with my name.

The four photos below were among the hundreds that came up when I searched “Robert Weston”.   Since my physical characteristics are different from the guys in the other photos, there is a way to distinguish me from the others.  And if you were to describe me as a 5’6″, sixty-year-old bald man with brown eyes, you would be wrong.  No matter how persistent you are, no matter how certain, it doesn’t change the fact that you would have the wrong guy.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are people that want to argue that the Allah of Islam and Jehovah of Judaism and the God of Baha’i and the God of Christianity (and the god of every other religion) are really all the same.  There is no way that all of these faith systems worship the same god.  No matter how persistent, no matter how certain someone i.s.  Each of these religions describes their god with some unique characteristics that would differentiate that god from all of the others.

It is unpopular to state that one God is real and all the others are fictional constructs.  Many people avoid this discomfort by adopting religious pluralism – the idea that all gods are the same.  We cannot allow ourselves to be ashamed of saying that God’s identity is certain.  If we allow that all gods are the same, there is nothing that makes Jesus special.  He is just another human misconception of God.

We as Christians must maintain that our God is unique.

Jesus is real.  And we need to be ready to share that truth with those that are willing to talk about who God really is.

Are you ready to discuss who God is with people who believe that all gods are the same?

If so, how do you start that discussion? 


One thought on “Identifying God – how all gods cannot be the same

  1. Certainly all can be wrong, but all cannot be right (since there are mutually exclusive ideas that are incompatible within all those choices). Therefore logically they cannot all be the same God. I liked your idea of searching for … well, you. And I can tell you are the handsome one in the above 4 pictures, too!


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