9 Parallels Between Following God and Driving the Mount Evans Road – Part 3

To conclude this three-part post, I share the final three parallels between following God and driving on the Mount Evans Road.
Our Trail Life troop spent over an hour on the summit, climbing on the massive boulders and taking time to observe the terrain beneath us when there were breaks in the clouds.  It was the first time I have been on terra firma while simultaneously looking down to the clouds.  The photo below shows how thick the clouds were during most of our time at the top of Evans.

My view from the top of Mt. Evans.



When out time at the summit was over, I was anxious about getting back into the van to make the descent.  However, I knew living on the mountain forever wasn’t a practical option, so I gathered my nerve, started the engine, and started the trek down the mountain.  Looking back on that event, here are the final three parallels between driving the Mount Evans Road and following God.


7.  Familiarity lessens anxiety.  All of us deal with anxiety when we do new things, go to new places or meet new people.  Many times the amount of anxiety is less when we are familiar with whatever it is we are doing.  I remember dreading my first roller coaster ride.  Once I survived that, and realized that the ride was actually very, very safe, I was ready to go again.  Even today there is still anxiety when getting buckled in to a thrill ride, but the experience of the ride makes it worthwhile.Since I had driven up the road, I knew what was required.  I knew about the sharp switchbacks, the lack of guardrails, and the driving conditions.  In our walks with God, we don’t know what the future holds.  But when I see those evidences of him holding my hand through all of the seasons of my life, I am more comfortable continuing on.  Because I know that God has sustained me thus far, I have full confidence that he will continue to do so in the future.


8. Making the journey made me feel alive.  Was I scared driving up the road?  Yeah!  Was I aware of what would occur if I drove off the road?  You bet!!  Did I get a little winded while hiking from the parking lot to to summit.  Sure.

Would I do it again.  YES!  Taking a risk proved to me I am alive.  Not in the physical, breathing sense.  But rather in that life is to be lived.  I could have stayed at camp and not gone, but I would have missed so much.
I don’t think God gave us life so that we could avoid risk.  While going up mountains or riding roller coasters aren’t for everyone, I am convinced that God wants us to have adventures and take risks.  While we may never be shipwrecked, or imprisoned for believing in Christ, or told to preach to a bunch of philosophers in Athens, we are to take risks.  Living differently than the world is a risk.  Being unashamed of our Lord is a risk.  But in doing these things, he will fill us with the knowledge that we are living a life pleasing to him.  Living out the life that he gave each of us.


9.  The journey is better together.  I would have had “fun” on the Mount Evans Road by myself.  The view from the top would have been no different.  But experiencing the danger, being at Summit Lake, and standing on top of that mountain TOGETHER with my brothers in Christ made it so much more than it would have been had I gone solo.
Micah, Nathan and I TOGETHER at the Mt. Evans summit marker
Micah, Nathan and I TOGETHER at the Mt. Evans summit marker


God doesn’t call us to a live of solitude.  We are to be experiencing life together.  The good parts.  The hard parts.  The weddings and the funerals.  The successes and the failures.  We have been united with Jesus and with his church for a reason – to live out the journey  together.

While not apologetic in nature, thanks for sticking with me through these posts.  God showed me so much through the Mount Evans adventure, I just wanted to share it.

Let me know if you have any similar adventures that God has used to show you truths about our relationships with him.  I look forward to talking with you about them. 


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