Introducing Real Life Apologetics

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For years the study of apologetics has been something I have enjoyed as a hobby, both in reading books and in engaging family, colleagues and students in meaningful discussions.  In more recent years I have wanted to take an active role in teaching apologetics to people who have a desire to learn some apologetics but either don’t know where to start or are intimidated by the volume of material written on the subject.

As my family was watching a television program this February, we and millions of other people viewed the ads for the rejuvenation of the show “Cosmos” on the Fox Network.  This instantly grabbed my attention, because I not only viewed the original PBS series hosted by Carl Sagan as a kid, but I had also read Sagan’s book of the same name, cover-to-cover.
In March my family watched a part of one of the episodes.  I was dazzled by the graphics as Darwin’s Tree of Life came to life on the screen in a stunning array of beautiful color.  While I was taking the imagery in, I was also thinking of how influential this show could be to those who are not rock-solid on their beliefs concerning creation.
This event led me to think about my youth group experience.  I never attended church as a kid, but I became a follower of Jesus when I was sixteen years old.  After that time, I was very involved in Sunday school, youth group and evangelistic outreaches.  However, I do not recall one time when the topics of creation and evolution, evidences of the resurrection, the reliability of Scripture or any other “apologetic” topics were ever discussed.  While I didn’t recognize it at the time, there was certainly an air of “the Bible says it, so that settles it” throughout the congregation.  As a youth group, we taught what to believe, but not why it was rational to have those beliefs.
How many kids are being raised in Christian homes, attending Sunday school classes and participating in youth groups, yet are not being exposed to thoughtful Christian responses to the ungodly worldviews they are encountering on television, social media and in public education?  Are youth asking their parents questions about faith, and the parents are not equipped to answer those questions?  I am fearful that most Christian parents don’t have answers to the tough questions their kids ask, and don’t know where to get such answers, so they rely on the youth pastor and Sunday school teachers to address these topics.  In many cases, those individuals don’t have the answers either.
Through RealLifeApologetics, I want to give parents and youth resources to address the tough questions without having to dig through the volumes of material written on the various subjects.  In this blog I will share my journey and experiences as they relate to questions of the Christian faith as well as some of the opportunities I have attempted to answer others’ Real Life questions.
I would love to hear from you.   What topic/question(s) have caused you the most doubt of Christianity’s validity?

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